About DFB

DFB Buildings is your premier source for Pre-Engineered Metal Building design and manufacturing. We confidently offer expedited schedules that are unprecedented during these times. Our IAS certification means we’re held to the same quality and audit standards that the national companies adhere to. We’re able to offer competitive pricing due to our steel being manufactured in house by certified welders. We have professional Licensed Engineers that will expertly process your order according to the proper loads and codes determined by local municipalities. We look forward to working with you to design, supply and construct your next building.

DFB is dedicated to personalized, timely, safe and professional service regardless of the project description. We have in-house project management professionals that take pride in working collaboratively with our customers to understand their business needs and deliver a product to their specifications. Whether you’re in need of an agricultural building, manufacturing facility, warehouse space, retail building or more, we can help ensure that you receive the most complete and competitively priced metal building package available.

DFB is proud to be a woman owned business. With a focus on integrity and quality we have built a reputation of reliability and professionalism. We look forward to forging new relationships and take pride in knowing we are part of your team and appreciate you being a part of ours.

IAS Certification

Maintaining Quality


2021 Top Colorado and National Metal Builders

Certified Staff

Licensed Engineers and Certified Welders

Fully Assembled Components

When your crew spends all morning digging through boxes of clips instead of standing up beams, it’s not good. DFB weld-assembles the majority of our primary and secondary connection plates in order to reduce the number of parts assembled in the field. Faster completion, better bottom line.

Easy Access to Management

Sometimes you just need to talk to the boss and as a family-owned business, we get that. DFB is a local business, and we understand that talking to decision makers is sometimes just what you need. So we are here when you need us.

Customized Delivery

You need your materials when you need them. That’s why we deliver your shipment based on your schedule, not ours. And we will stage your delivery so you’re not climbing over next weeks materials to find what you need right now.

Quality Guaranteed

DFB stands behind the quality of our steel and will put it up against any and all competitors. If we send you a damaged or wrong part, we’ll dispatch a truck and fix it right away – fast, and at no charge.